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Making It Easy for Patients To Say "Yes" Workshop
Case Acceptance for Everyday Dentistry

Dr. Paul Homoly has taught thousands of dentists and their teams the skills to make case acceptance from single tooth to complex care dentistry predictably successful. Making It Easy for Patients to Say "Yes" is specifically designed for you if you have a broad base general "bread and butter" practice and are also growing the complex care aspect of your practice – cosmetic, implant, CAD CAM, 3D imaging/airway, and rehabilitative dentistry.

Making It Easy for Patients to Say "Yes" is a highly interactive 2 day workshop using case study simulations that make your lessons immediately relevant to your everyday practice. Upon enrollment you receive DVD and audio CD preparatory materials to insure you and your team have the best possible workshop experience.

"Homoly's ability to teach communication and influencing skills is the best in dentistry. I use what I've learned from Paul everyday in my practice and its boosted my bottom line and made dentistry more fun!"
Dr. Todd Ehrlich, CEREC Master Trainer, Austin, Texas

Workshop Overview - Day 1

8am – 3:30pm: Dentists and team members

Day one is specifically designed for presenting care to patients whose total dental care needs are less than $5,000; "bread and butter" dentistry. Its focus is on the essential elements of case presentation. Topics include:

  • Simple vs. Complex care patients – the important distinctions in patient behavior you must understand to influence them
  • The Four Chiefs™ - the four essential conversations of case acceptance
  • Tech Talk™ - translating dental technology's features into benefits that influence patients
  • The Discovery Guide™ - the most influential way to discuss your treatment recommendations
  • The Case Presentation Organizer™ - how to prepare your case presentation in half the time with twice the results
  • Stress-free fee discussions and financial arrangements

3:30pm – 4:30pm Dentists and team leader only

  • How to set fees and sustain profit for complex care dentistry
  • Taking what you learned from the workshop into your office

(Past attendees have rated this aspect of the workshop invaluable to their success!)

"Paul Homoly's coaching skills are phenomenal. No matter what style of practice you have, time spent with Paul will boost your practice and your spirit. Few people have made as great of contribution to dentistry as Paul."
David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD, Executive Director of The Hornbrook Group, La Mesa, California

Workshop Overview - Day 2

8am – 3:30 pm Dentists and team members

Day two focuses on the process for communicating sophisticated treatment recommendations in an interesting an influencing manner. It's designed for presenting care to patients whose total case fee is greater than $5,000. Topics include:

  • Telephone and scheduling skills – smart scheduling strategies that improve the patients' experience and lower team stress
  • Tech Tactics™ - learn how dental technology can help or hinder the new patient process
  • The Five Critical Dialogs™ - the structure for successful complex care case presentation
  • Patient Readiness – discovering who's ready for complex care and who isn't
  • Keeping patients in your practice who aren't ready yet for complex care
  • Patient Advocacy – a non-sales approach to leading patients into good health care decisions
  • Front Stage vs. Back Stage – presenting favorable outcomes vs. complex, hard-to-understand processes

As part of your participation, one month after the workshop Dr. Paul Homoly hosts a 1 hour webinar for all workshop attendees. During this webinar Paul revisits key principles, checks in on your progress, and helps you remove obstacles that may be getting in your way of fully implementing what you learned in the workshop.

"Dr. Paul Homoly has helped me match my case presentation skills to my clinical skills allowing me and my patients to fully benefit from my technology and experience. So much of my success is a direct result of Paul's influence over the years."
Dr. James Klim CEREC, Accredited member AACD, Advanced Trainer Founder of CADStar™, Santa Rosa, California

You'll Say “Yes” to the Benefits!

  • Boost practice profitability - Successful case acceptance is a big part of practice prosperity and achieving the return on your investment in dental technology
  • Do more of the dentistry you love - Only after patients say "YES" can you fully use your technology and clinical skills
  • Create a successful case presentation process - Your team will OWN a case acceptance process that outlives any personnel changes
  • Enjoy greater confidence - By knowing how to talk about money without angering or embarrassing patients , you’ll welcome the experience of offering complete care
  • Never sound or feel like a salesman - You'll learn how to guide - not sell – dentistry, eliminating the fear of being diminished in the patients eyes
  • Workshop support - We make leadership and implementation tools available to you after the workshop to guarantee you’ll get the most from your experience
  • 100% Guarantee - I offer a full, money-back guarantee on all my workshops and services

"Dr. Paul Homoly's in-depth knowledge of practice management guarantees a successful practice that will have a rare combination of professional joy and profitability."
Dr. John C. Kois, Founder/Director of the Kois Center, Seattle, Washington

Your Coach:

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, is president of Homoly Communications Institute which focuses on the key drivers of dental practice success – case acceptance, profitability and fees, team development, marketing, and communication.

Paul practiced advanced restorative and implant dentistry for 20 years and has coached thousands of dentists world-wide to a more fulfilling and profitable practice.

He has written 3 books on the topic of case acceptance – Dentists: An Endangered Species, Isn't It Wonderful when Patients Say "Yes", and Making It Easy for Patients to Say "Yes". Also he has authored the DVD / iTunes app in-office training series Case Acceptance for Everyday Dentistry and co-authored the iTunes app DDS GP YES.

Paul holds the highest earned designation in profession speaking, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association. He is the first and only dentist in the world to enjoy this distinction.

"This is by far the best course on the art of case acceptance available in dentistry. Since taking this course, our case acceptance is great and my stress is way down. Thanks to Paul, case acceptance for complex care dentistry has improved dramatically. We use the same principles with quadrant dentistry and patients love it."
Dr. Betsy Bakeman, Accredited Member AACD, Comstock Park, Michigan

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